Woodlands for Sale - Kent

Woodland for sale near Addington, Croydon and Bromley

4.26 acres of woodland for sale forming Lot 1c of this parcel of 160 acres of high quality grazing land near Keston, Kent.

Well-known for the Keston Ponds. The spring from which these ponds are fed is known as Caesar’s Well, close to the grounds of historic Holwood House once owned by William Pitt the Younger. The land itself forms part of the proposed world heritage site, “Darwin at Downe”. It is here, through observations and experiments in the grounds and surrounding countryside, that Charles Darwin realised evolution is key to our understanding of the living world and where he published his findings in his most significant work ‘The Origin of Species’. It is this unique legacy that makes this land so special.

For further details please contact Vantage Land - 01727 701641.

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