Woodland Uses

Woodland might not seem the most obvious form of land for someone to purchase but you would be surprised. In recent years, there has been a growth in the number of individuals wishing to return to mother-nature. Woodlands are bought for a wide variety of pursuits including paintballing, badger watching, woodworkers and naturists.

Woodlands are used for a wide range of outdoor activities. For some, it is purely their own ‘space’ and a place to be at one with nature. Others utilise their woodland for more active pursuits including paintballing, cycling, archery and tree climbing. Leisure activities include camping, caravanning, woodworking and even naturists.

Planning permission is not likely to be granted on woodlands but a caravan can be kept in a woodland for up to 28 days per year and non-permanent structures are acceptable, such as sheds or tree houses, if you fancy yourself as Tarzan.

Don’t expect a huge revenue from your private woodland, though there are companies now who will help private woodland owners sell any mature timber they harvest. You should also be aware that woodland does require some maintenance and usually any felled timber must be replaced and replenish. These regulations are managed and upheld by the Environment Agency.

Having said this, there are now agencies that help the private smaller woodland owner sell mature timber, so there are some revenue generating opportunities with woodland.

Below are just some of the activities people enjoy in their woodland.