Eco Tree Care & Conservation
A co-operative of arborists and woodsmen in East Herts to North London. Driven by a love of trees and respect for our natural environment and are dedicated to high quality, professional tree surgery, and woodland management, recycling and permaculture.

Visit www.ecotreecare.co.uk

English Nature
English nature can provide useful advice on your woodland and can help you manage it for the benefit of wildlife and flora. If it is a site of Special Scientific Interest, an officer will visit by arrangement and can help you draw up a management plan.

Visit www.englishnature.gov.uk

Forestry Commission
The Forestry Commission manages a growing number of other forest sites across the UK.

The Forestry Commission is a publicly owned, non-profit making institution that runs its forestry sites as a business, whilst keeping them accessible to the public.

There is also, of course, privately owned forestry land which, as per the Forestry Commission sites, are farmed for their timber. Though revenue can definitely be made from selling and marketing wood, the potential profits are capped. Forestry land is regulated by the Environment Agency (EA). The EA closely controls how many tress are felled. There are limitations on how much timber can be cut down per acre per year and any felled stock must be replaced.

Visit www.forestry.gov.uk

Small Woods Association
The Small Woods Association aims to promote the management, conservation and rehabilitation of small, under- managed woodlands. Membership is open to anyone who has the care and conservation of woodlands at heart.

Visit www.smallwoods.org.uk

Worldwide links to pedigree cattle and sheep breeders societies and associations, colleges, agricultural machinery manufacturers, auction markets, newspapers - anything related to farming on the web.

Visit www.tumpline.com/stackyard

The Woodland Trust
The Woodland Trust is the UK's leading conservation charity dedicated to the protection of our native woodland heritage.

Visit www.woodland-trust.org.uk

The Tree Advice Trust
A charity providing advice and research on all aspects of tree and shrub care, including production, transport, planting, establishment and management. The interaction between trees, shrubs and other land uses is also a primary concern.

Visit www.treehelp.info

At TreeTrader you can search a database of nurseries in the UK producing native trees to create your new native woodland.

Visit www.treetrader.co.uk

Vantage Land
Freehold investment land for sale in the UK without planning permission, with current uses including grazing, arable and sporting.

Visit www.vantageland.co.uk

Woodland Improvement
Woodland Improvement Ltd offers a comprehensive forestry service to those who wish to create new plantations or manage existing woodlands. Professional advice on all aspects from woodland planning and establishment through to the felling and marketing of timber.

Visit www.woodland-improvement.co.uk

Woodland Survival Crafts
Courses in bushcraft and ancient survival skills, including specialized classes in edible plants, fire-by-friction, and winter survival skills. Creators of the nationally recognised Open College Certificate "Woodland Survival Skills (Bushcraft)". 

Visit www.woodlandsurvivalcrafts.com